Sunday, August 16, 2009

!! post no.100 !!

Congratulations to myself and to all my readers ! This is my no.100 post and still blogging like there's no tomorrow ! Hahahaha. I hope you guys did have fun reading my blogs though some are rather boring .. But it all comes from the heart. You read my thoughts, my doings and me of course! So hope you guys continue supporting me by giving more comments on posts and i'll work harder writing more.
Cheers ! Luv ya all !

cook, cooked ..

Guys cookout at my place today.
Chicken Rendang - very tasty with coconut sprinkles on top

My vietnamese friend's half cooked prawns - tasty!

So our dishes are from top: Chicken Rendang, Semi-cooked Prawns and Bak Kut Teh

Friday, August 14, 2009

back in action!

me in chef jacket .. do ignore the background! ahhaha couldn't find a bigger mirror than the one in my toilet.

some stuffs i did during the first day
of class in culinary arts.
simple and nice
presentation? comments.

late day post..

Hi guys.. you guys must be wondering why i didn't update my blog for so long. Well stupidity of won't let me upload photos and whenever i tried to upload a blog it says page error. I got kinda frustrated with it at first so stopped trying since it's not working.
So how have you guys been ? I'm sending my regards and prayers to all my family, friends and readers.
So, i'm back in Melbourne! Days has been really cold, it kinda rained a lot lately .. maybe because its going into spring. I'm now back in my old place, and has been enjoying my time here. Of course, concentrating more on my studies and not being distracted by unwanted people and business. Hahaha :) By the way, thank you guys for your concern over my problem. Especially mum n god-dad. You guys has been really supportive and all your advices are being taken. I do think i lead a better life now compared to before. At least all my friends are being really really nice to me.
Hmm.. i'll try my best to upload some photos and sue ! hahaha just kidding. You guys have a good weekend and do drop by soon for more photos n updates. But due to crazy piles of assignments, i'm spending my days in front of the computer. Need a new pair of glasses when i get back year end .. my eyes are blowing me off.
See you guys soon ! Cheers.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Transformers 2 : Revenge of The Fallen

I seriously rate this movie 12/10 . Hittin' the roof !! I finally went to QB to watch Transformers today and i enjoyed every bit of it. It was worth the wait!! Very very good movie, one of the best i've seen this year. Oh no! Best after Lord of the Rings definitely.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

fame is everything!

Some funny photos i did on . Enjoy!

Transformers 3 - Rise of the Mohnation

Well on the front page again ..
The New President - Sir Adrian Moh
50dollar ! 50 dollar!

rest in peace MJ

a great lost to our music industry, the death of Michael Joseph Jackson shocked the entire world on Friday morning when his death was announced. Michael Jackson passed away on Thursday afternoon 2.30pm, actual causes was not posted. Michael Jackson is one of the greatest legend ever to step foot in our music industry, hitting the stores worldwide with his biggest album, 'Thriller'. Michael's fans, by millions in number mourn for him today as the sad news spreaded across the globe.

We here too mourn for Michael Jackson.

We pray for his depart to be a blessing, as he returns into the hands of God.
you've done enough MJ

you can now rest in peace

Monday, June 22, 2009

finger lickin' good!

Adrian's Chinese Style BBQ chicken and pork

Sunday, June 14, 2009

home sweet home

seriously nothing feels better than being at home.
hahaha arrived back in penang 2.30pm yesterday and i wont stop sweating!! om gosh.. its so hot. weather is totally opposite compared to melbournes'.
however, reli happy to see mum n grandma, jingles n casper !! ehehez.
its good to be home

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


a very nice song from wang lee hom.

a dedication to all my friends + family

coming home soon !!